Scenario execution problems


Executing scenario results in an error.

Scenario execution problems (223349647)_ScreenHunter_3367_Jul

The most common errors are:

1. One of the actions failed. i.e. Bitmap did not appear.

2. A problem in the license prevented execution.


1. Try to solve the problem by modifying the action based on the error message and the failure screenshot you got.

Note: To find out more about the failure errors, check the awplayer.log file by clicking on "View Player's Logs" button in the "ScenarioBuilder Execution Report" window.

Usually the path is: \Documents

2. To fix the license error, open the awplayer.ini file (...\NrgGlobal or Automai\ScenarioBuilder) and check if the path to the license folder points to the full path name of the correct license folder.

//folder where the license is located
licensefolder=...\NrgGlobal or Automai\ScenarioBuilder\license

If your problem still isn't fixed, report the problem.